Humans of Detroit


We are a collective of Detroit photographers collaborating to spread a positive light on this city. Here’s a little bit about us.


Tomas Culver harbors a lifelong appreciation for the well told story — whether the vessel be music, photography, film or the written word. He grew up between Lansing and Norway before moving to Detroit to pursue a degree in photography from Wayne State University. A lover of adventures with an infinite curiosity about this world and the people in it, Tom looks forward to a long career in creatively telling unique and untold stories.

Culver is an artist currently residing in Detroit, Michigan.

nhNicole Hayden: As photographer and copy editor for Humans of Detroit, I feel our project shows a personal niche of the city that sparks an empathetic connection between those we interview and those who read the stories we post. Previously, I have interned for Real Detroit Weekly, wrote for local Detroit blogs and acted as a senior writer and columnist for The South End. I graduated from Wayne State with an Honors English degree with art and political science minors. I now man a desk in Port Huron as a staff reporter for the Times Herald, a Gannett company. Thanks to all for the continued support of our project! /

mzMolly Zanley, 22: This project, to me, is a simple way to give followers some hope in Detroit and some humanity for the people who live here. As a BFA student at Wayne State, I find Detroit to be an inspiring place for creatives to have [or make] the resources we need to be successful. Detroit has had its troubles, no doubt, but we can all agree to never give up on it because it’s our home. We believe in this city and we’d like to show that to the rest of the world. One human at a time.

nb_MG_0260Noura Ballout: Art has always had a special place in my heart. I began creating art at an early age; it became an addiction of sort. Art was the drug. I inhaled it and broke through a color spectrum that shaded and shaped my life. But my pencil was only my gateway drug; I rapidly discovered and experimented with other mediums. Photography became a special media for me. I found something that allowed me to freeze time; I captured moments and made them stand still forever. Currently I’m pursuing a bachelors in Photography at Wayne State University. Working on Humans of Detroit (HOD) has given me the chance to frame the city I have come to call home, as more than the ruin porn of Detroit that populates search engines. Along with working on projects such as HOD, I am also a founding member of the Z Collective of Michigan, a feminist collective bettering the quality of life for woman in the Metro Detroit area. I aim to use photography as a means to share my story and perspective with an audience willing to listen.

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