Humans of Detroit


November 22, 2013

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you on a skateboard?

“I almost got shot for filming my homie skate this 6 or 7 stair off of Van Born and Telegraph — it’s an ice cream shop now but it didn’t used to be. So he’s doing this kick flip over the stairs right? This dude in a Cadillac rolls up like ‘Yo, what’s up? Y’all gotta leave.’ My friend and I we’re both like ‘fuck that we’re not leaving — you about to nail this shit.’ So that guy comes back and was like to me ‘hey man come here, I got to talk to you’ and my friend was like ‘fuck you!’ So that guy pulled some Jet Lee type shit and grabbed his gun and we both got the fuck out of there!”

Photo cred: Tom Culver