Humans of Detroit


March 31, 2014

“My website is called Motor City Muckraker. It’s a local, investigative journalism site. The idea is to write about anything that gets in the way of progress in Detroit and then to promote whatever is positive in Detroit.”

What motivated you to start the website?

“A lot of people are getting away with things because there’s not a lot of media presence anymore. The industry is dying. So the idea was to be able to create some kind of objective way of looking at what’s going on in the city and dig beneath the surface, and expose any wrongdoing.”

What made you get into journalism?

“I had a philosophy degree and wanted to go back for my PhD but I needed money first, so I started working at a weekly newspaper. When I first started working there, there was this accident with an 18-wheeler that fell over into a mobile home park. I found out about it, and saw that no one in the state was doing anything about it. Then I was like, I could write about this and call the state to figure out what was going. The power that it gave me to do something good just propelled me. It motivated me to just do more.”

Photo cred: Molly Zanley