Humans of Detroit


December 7, 2014

“You know how they keep putting on the news about all this with the cops? I mean I agree with it because they’re supposed to protect us, but some of the stuff they’re doing is foul — some people are taking their badge above their head, and that’s not cool. I feel bad about our people and for the generation coming up because they’re brought up into all this. The whole white people against black people, and black people against white people thing — it’s not cool, because we could all really get along. I like everybody, so I don’t see why we can’t all like each other. I think the economy is stressing people out, making people edgy. We’re not a whole unit any more, everybody is trying to be their own thing. If we stick together, we can build this city, and our country, back up. I really want to be able to take over the World so I can make it a better place.”