Humans of Detroit


August 28, 2013

Meet Alex (left) and Madison (right).

Are you two students at Wayne State?

Alex: “No, I am an Illustration major at CCS. I want to design movie posters.”

Madison: “I was a student at OCC. Now I am a photojournalist living in the city. I want to shoot photos of Detroit in order to show that there is still so much life here.”

Are you two roommates?

Alex: “Yes. We just moved in three weeks ago. There are four of us in a one bedroom apartment at The Belcrest. We were just swimming there.”

What’s your favorite memory of Detroit so far?

Madison: “I was showing my friends from Texas around the city and we were at Great Lakes Coffee. I was going on about how great Detroit is and everyone around us started to join in the conversation. By the end of the night we had made friends with one of the guys there and ended up drinking beer on the rooftop of his apartment.”

Alex: “Last year, in January maybe, it was snowing. There was snow everywhere. The streets were empty, so my friends and I went drifting.”

Photo cred: Nicole Hayden

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