Humans of Detroit


July 25, 2013

“How did you guys get into the food scene here?”

R: “When I came over to America from Australia, nobody knew what gluten free was in a lot of standard places – or when I found it, it was hard to afford. So I just started making my own while at the same time doing urban gardening. It gives us vegetables as well as beautifies the city.”

L: “I grew up in Detroit vegetarian, so a lot of my life was surrounded by my diet and just being able to go places that had options of things to eat. So growing up, we came up with a lot of recipes with alternatives to meat. I moved a few different places but when I came back here from New York I wanted to still do it and found out about the Earthworks Program. So if I can see the food from the ground to the plate, that’s what’s up! …I am able to do local catering gigs at MOCAD and such with locally grown foods.”

Photo cred: Molly Zanley

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